Save Space and Money with a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Save Space and Money with a Jack and Jill Bathroom   A popular solution for modestly sized homes with several bedrooms, Jack and Jill's bathrooms are perhaps best known from The Brady Bunch, where the boys and girls shared a bathroom nestled between their respective bedrooms. Bathrooms can easily cost $450 per square foot to [...]

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Building a New Home? Think Storage

Building a New Home? Think Storage   When it comes to storage, it’s easy to fall victim to the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, but building a new home means you need to have enough places to put everything once you move in. Account for storage from the beginning of the planning process [...]

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Winning Walkout Basement House Plans

Winning Walkout Basement House Plans   The ideal answer to a steeply sloped lot, walkout basements offer extra finished living space with sliding glass doors that allow a seamless transition from the basement to the backyard. They fit most lot sizes and many kinds of architectural styles, so you can still build your dream home [...]

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Building a Hillside Home

Building a Hillside Home   A hillside can be a challenge to design for, but with the right designer, the hill can become an advantage. Hillside house plans should use the steep slope to the house’s benefit, making the hill into an important design feature rather than an annoyance to be designed around. Take full [...]

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Planning a Prairie Style House

  Designed specifically with the American Midwest in mind, prairie style houses make a statement all their own. This distinct school of architecture was popularized by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright, who patterned the houses’ horizontal lines after the region’s rolling prairies. This early 20th-century creation is still beloved today..; Explore the possibilities and [...]

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2018’s Hottest Home Design Trends

2018’s Hottest Home Design Trends   Warm naturals, rich textures and bold colors are likely to dominate home design as white kitchens, stainless steel and other uses of cool neutral palettes fall out of favor. Looking to build a new home or update the look of your current residence? These home design trends are poised [...]

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Luxury Log Cabin House Plans

Luxury Log Cabin House Plans   Log homes are no longer restricted to the tiny cabins of yesteryear. Today’s log cabin house plans are a unique reflection of the owner’s wants, needs, and personality, from the structure and floor plan to the endless amenity options. Customize your rustic getaway with these ideas for luxurious log [...]

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Custom House Plans for 4 Bedrooms

Custom House Plans for 4 Bedrooms   A four-bedroom home is all about flexible space, whether you need all four bedrooms for a big family or want extra rooms that can be converted to additional sleeping areas if your needs change. The design possibilities are nearly endless with a four-bedroom, so explore your current and [...]

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Home Design for the Holidays: Tips and Tricks

  Tips and Tricks   With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your seasonal decorating - or start the process if you’ve been putting it off. Need some inspiration? Try these 10 decorating tips to inject some festive cheer into your home.   1) Bring In the Outdoors Don’t [...]

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Stylish Strategies for Open Floor House Plans

Stylish Strategies for Open Floor House Plans   A mainstay of modern home designs, open concept floor plans offer a spacious, informal solution for a variety of house types. Open floor plans combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one great room that allows everyone to interact, whether they’re cooking, eating or entertaining. [...]

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