New Build- Designing for Your Lot

House Plans for a New Build  Designing for Your Lot   Choosing the right home design for your lot means relying on one golden rule: don’t design the house until you’ve designed the lot. The perfect home design out of a book only remains perfect until you try to have it built on a site [...]

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Custom House Plans vs. Stock House Plans

Custom House Plans vs. Stock House Plans   In many ways, the house plan is the most important part of creating your new home - after all, every house starts with one. It’s also the best opportunity you’ll have to shape your home’s layout and function, because changing your mind afterward involves expensive change orders during construction [...]

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Build a Healthier Home

Build a Healthier Home   There are more benefits to building a healthier home than meet the eye. Keeping the environment in mind during the design and building process results in a home that costs less to operate, uses resources responsibly, and maintains the health of both its natural surroundings and the people living inside. Prioritize [...]

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5 Tips for Multigenerational Living

5 Tips for Multigenerational Living   It can be tough going for multigenerational households, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s elderly parents spending their golden years with their grown children or young adults moving back into their parents’ house, it’s crucial to account for everyone’s needs to ensure a smooth transition.    1) [...]

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When to Remodel for Accessibility – Planning for your Future

When to Remodel for Accessibility   Will you be able to get around your house if your mobility is suddenly limited? Or will you need to remodel for accessibility? How long will you be able to stay in your own home as you age? These are growing concerns for millions of Americans who hope to [...]

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5 Design Trends to Revamp Your Bathroom

5 Design Trends to Revamp Your Bathroom   Hospitality-inspired bathroom design is booming this year as homeowners incorporate hotel- and spa-like elements. Crisp, clean lines and luxurious amenities can turn any restroom into a personal refuge. Try out these timeless trends in your home.   1) Spa Style Bathroom Create your own home spa with faux [...]

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2017’s Top Home Lighting Trends

2017’s Top Home Lighting Trends Is your home’s lighting doing its job? Lighting should do more than just illuminating a dark room - it sets the mood for each space and plays an important role in making your home comfortable and hospitable. These trends won’t fade away anytime soon, so try them on for size. [...]

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Quality Project Planning – Saves time and money

Quality Project Planning - Saves time and money   It’s tempting to jump right into a home renovation project, but resist the urge to dig in right away. Spending extra time upfront to create a quality project planning actually saves time and money on the actual project. Here’s how to maximize planning value so you can enjoy [...]

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Add Value with a Finished Basement

Add Value with a Finished Basement   Could your house use some extra square footage? Before you start planning for an addition, take a look downstairs - specifically, the basement. A finished basement not only gives you extra space, it can also add value to your home - not just in terms of resale value, [...]

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2017 Exterior Remodeling Trends

2017 Exterior Remodeling Trends   There’s no better time for an exterior refresh than the early summer, when dependably warm temperatures and the absence of spring showers present perfect weather for home improvement projects. Give your home a makeover and boost its curb appeal with 2017’s hottest exterior remodeling trends.   Sophisticated Siding Constant manufacturing [...]

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