Home Design for the Holidays: Tips and Tricks

  Tips and Tricks   With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your seasonal decorating - or start the process if you’ve been putting it off. Need some inspiration? Try these 10 decorating tips to inject some festive cheer into your home.   1) Bring In the Outdoors Don’t [...]

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Stylish Strategies for Open Floor House Plans

Stylish Strategies for Open Floor House Plans   A mainstay of modern home designs, open concept floor plans offer a spacious, informal solution for a variety of house types. Open floor plans combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one great room that allows everyone to interact, whether they’re cooking, eating or entertaining. [...]

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Family-Friendly Farmhouse Plans

Family-Friendly Farmhouse Style House Plans   A popular variation on country homes, traditional farmhouse designs evoke the days when the kitchen served as the gathering place for the whole house. They’re typically designed with a large footprint on a big lot, perfect for growing families that need the extra space. At once a throwback and [...]

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10 Design Concepts for Luxury House Plans

10 Design Concepts for Luxury House Plans   Luxury takes many forms, from spacious rooms to sophisticated fixtures and finishes. Whatever luxury means to you, a custom house plan can incorporate your favorite features into a contemporary home that perfectly fits your family, yet maintains its appeal to potential buyers down the road.      [...]

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Create a Unique, Modern House Plan

Create a Unique, Modern House Plan   Modern House Plan 57816 Are you having a tough time finding a house plan that perfectly fits your requirements? If the plans you’ve looked at are falling short, it’s time to investigate a custom house plan. It takes Ahmann Design just a few weeks to design [...]

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Explore Country French House Plans

Explore Country French House Plans   Harkening back to the French countryside, Country French house plans blend pastoral European charm with modern American adaptations to create a style all their own. These comfortable homes are inspired by houses ranging from small cottages to grand chateaus and feature layouts that can be customized to any homeowner. [...]

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Cabin House Plans

Cabin House Plans   If you've always dreamed of a rustic getaway in the woods, a cabin house plan may be for you. Whether made from the classic logs or another material, these charming homes pair minimum upkeep with maximum comfort.   Cabins with Character You don't have to sacrifice size or features to use [...]

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The Colonial House Plan

The Colonial House Plan   Refined, yet unfussy, Colonial house plans are steeped in tradition, reflecting the classic taste of the early American settlers. The easy-to-build rectangular shape, symmetrical construction, and emphasis on the entryway echo the preferences of homeowners in the original 13 colonies, while the elegant finishes typically used throughout create a graceful, [...]

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Modern House Plans for 1-1/2 Stories

Modern House Plans for 1-1/2 Stories   The same height and footprint as a two-story home with less square footage, one-and-a-half-story homes are a breed all their own. These flexible dwellings traditionally place the spaces that are most important for daily living on the main floor, with the top floor reserved for additional sleeping space [...]

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Top 10 Home Design Trends for your Mudrooms

Top 10 Home Design Trends for Mudrooms   Mudrooms are catchall spaces for household messes - it’s right there in the name. But they’re still a part of your home design and deserve the same amount of attention as any other room where design is concerned. Don’t let your mudroom serve as a boring testament [...]

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