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Building Green

Having the opportunity to build your dream house is…well, a dream come true. But in today’s environmentally conscious society, there are considerations that have to be taken into account. It is these considerations in building green or environmentally friendly homes that have many homeowners concerned. There’s no need to be. Green house plans are very possible and will not be an unduly problem. We provide home owners with a very viable green option when selecting dream house plans.

What To Consider

Location of The Home

One of the first considerations prior to putting a pen to architectural plans is deciding on the location of your new home. When building green, you will want to select an area that will require minimum impact to the surrounding environment or landscape. You will want to preserve as many natural features as possible. You will have to keep in mind erosion processes as well and not degrade natural protection. This can entail being conscious of such issues as grading when actual construction begins.

Home Energy Conservation

For your home itself, you will want to consider how efficient your house conserves energy. You will want to select house plans that feature plenty of insulation. A house design should have good ventilation and climate control systems. Green house plans may even include solar panels and other alternative energy producing features. Green house plans will economize the use of windows within the design, featuring a limited number and opting for smaller instead of larger.

Interior Construction and Design

As you select home designs, consider the interior designs as well. Construction and design materials used on the inside of your home can affect the air quality inside the home. You will want to use natural floor surfacing materials for example. Avoid vinyl and even carpet. Consider using such floor materials such as cork. The car garage is a prime source of noxious fumes and gasses. As such, think about a home design that features a detached garage. Alternatively, if your garage is going to be attached to the home, then consider house plans that feature fans and increased ventilation in the garage.

Water Conservation

Finally, as you finalize your contemporary house plans, consider how you will be using water. Water conversation is always a good way to contribute to the health of the environment. As you select your house plans, you can limit the number baths that you have, for example, which will cut down on wasting water. The types of appliances that you ultimately place inside your new home will also significantly contribute to this are of conservation as well.

These are only a few of the things to consider when deciding to build green when selecting a home design. Being environmentally conscious is admirable and absolutely feasible using our custom house plans or our stock house plans. If building green is apart of your dream of building your own home, there are plenty of contemporary house plans that you can choose from. Take the time to visit us and see how we can make your home ownership dreams become a reality.

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