Cabin House Plans

Cabin House Plans   If you've always dreamed of a rustic getaway in the woods, a cabin house plan may be for you. Whether made from the classic logs or another material, these charming homes pair minimum upkeep with maximum comfort.   Cabins with Character You don't have to sacrifice size or features to use [...]

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The Colonial House Plan

The Colonial House Plan   Refined, yet unfussy, Colonial house plans are steeped in tradition, reflecting the classic taste of the early American settlers. The easy-to-build rectangular shape, symmetrical construction, and emphasis on the entryway echo the preferences of homeowners in the original 13 colonies, while the elegant finishes typically used throughout create a graceful, [...]

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Modern House Plans for 1-1/2 Stories

Modern House Plans for 1-1/2 Stories   The same height and footprint as a two-story home with less square footage, one-and-a-half-story homes are a breed all their own. These flexible dwellings traditionally place the spaces that are most important for daily living on the main floor, with the top floor reserved for additional sleeping space [...]

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Top 10 Home Design Trends for your Mudrooms

Top 10 Home Design Trends for Mudrooms   Mudrooms are catchall spaces for household messes - it’s right there in the name. But they’re still a part of your home design and deserve the same amount of attention as any other room where design is concerned. Don’t let your mudroom serve as a boring testament [...]

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Unique Ranch Style House Plans

Unique Ranch Style House Plans   Once falling out of favor, ranch style homes are making a big comeback - in fact, a new Trulia report names ranch house plans as 2017’s most popular home design. These classic one-story homes were first built in 1932 and feature low ceilings, narrow layouts, and simple floor plans [...]

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Home Design- Which outdoor space fits your lifestyle?

Home Design- Which Outdoor Space Fits Your Lifestyle?   One of the most flexible areas in your home, the porch presents an unmatched opportunity to add comfortable, customizable space with plenty of outdoor exposure. The wide variety of home design types means you can pick the porch with the perfect personality for your home. Which [...]

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Designing your dream home

Designing Your Dream Home A home designer is so much more than a color coordinator and furniture finder. They’re the professionals who can bring your dream home to life. Home designers juggle many responsibilities, from the big (structural planning and architectural features) to the small (ensuring the right number of air vents and electrical outlets), [...]

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New Build- Designing for Your Lot

House Plans for a New Build  Designing for Your Lot   Choosing the right home design for your lot means relying on one golden rule: don’t design the house until you’ve designed the lot. The perfect home design out of a book only remains perfect until you try to have it built on a site [...]

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Custom House Plans vs. Stock House Plans

Custom House Plans vs. Stock House Plans   In many ways, the house plan is the most important part of creating your new home - after all, every house starts with one. It’s also the best opportunity you’ll have to shape your home’s layout and function, because changing your mind afterward involves expensive change orders during construction [...]

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Build a Healthier Home

Build a Healthier Home   There are more benefits to building a healthier home than meet the eye. Keeping the environment in mind during the design and building process results in a home that costs less to operate, uses resources responsibly, and maintains the health of both its natural surroundings and the people living inside. Prioritize [...]

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