Transform Your Terrain with a Landscape Architect

Transform Your Terrain with a Landscape Architect   Your grounds should be a joy to come home to, but making them that way isn’t as simple as building a deck or putting in a few beds of flowers. A truly showstopping space needs an expert. Enhance its natural beauty with the help of a licensed [...]

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How to Build Your First Home

How to Build Your First Home   Your home is your castle, so when it’s time to leave renting behind and preside over your own kingdom, it’s worth it to make sure it meets your expectations - otherwise, the process can become a royal pain. Here’s how to kickstart the process of building your first [...]

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Pools: The Must-Have Summer Centerpiece

Pools: The Must-Have Summer Centerpiece   For classic summer fun, you can’t beat a swimming pool. Offering instant entertainment for all ages, a pool is a great investment that greatly increases the aesthetic value of your yard and adds value to your home. In-ground fiberglass and concrete pools add an average of 5% to home [...]

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5 Hot Landscaping Trends for 2017

5 Hot Landscaping Trends for 2017   Thoughtful design and an extension of cozy indoor living are making their mark on landscape design this year. 2017’s landscaping trends are all about creating an outdoor oasis that’s cozy, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Try one of these strategies to craft a lush landscape that fits your [...]

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Benefits of Small Luxury Home

The Benefits of a Small Luxury Home When we think of luxury homes it’s easy to imagine a palatial mansion with dozens of grand rooms, sprawling gardens and pristine lawns. Maybe a long gravel driveway up to an enormous front door all perhaps hidden behind high walls and a tall gate. But that’s really not [...]

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The Benefits of a Craftsman Style Homes

The Benefits of a Craftsman Style Homes Craftsman style homes offer intricate facades, stuccos, and shingles. The craftsman style home is an iconic design. Offering a classic American look and feel born out of early twentieth century Southern Californian architecture. Offering the unique flavour of the American landscape with a mix of old English arts and [...]

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Spring and Summer:The time to build a home

Spring and Summer: The time to Build a Home Is there a perfect time of year to build a home? With spring in the air and the long nights of winter are drawing to a close weather conditions become ripe for home renovations and building work. At Ahmann design we work with our clients to [...]

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Trends in Patio Furniture

Trends in Patio Furniture   A key part of creating a relaxing environment that you can savor and enjoy is by selecting quality patio furniture. Choosing the perfect patio furniture can befit your own tastes while staying on trend with modern fashions. Like any type of beautiful design in your home, your patio furniture selection will [...]

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Outdoor living space adds value to the home

How Outdoor Living Space add value to the home Having an outdoor living space at your home that you can use as additional living (and entertaining) areas adds an extra dimension of charm, practicality, and comfort to your home. Who doesn’t enjoy the idea of getting home from work on a sultry summer night opening a bottle of [...]

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How to build a bar in your home

How to build a Bar in the Home? Putting the ‘Fun’ In Functional Use of Space If you enjoy entertaining at home, or like the idea of an area to mix some drinks and hang out when you have a few friends over? Have you ever considered utilizing some space for a bar area in your [...]

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